Friday, 10 March 2017

News Letter

Hello Crafters,

Spring is finally on its way if today's weather is anything to go by so let's celebrate with some March madness and some fantastic special offers on our website. One of your favourite special offers features our very popular Popper Pads, those really versatile paper pads that come in 4" x 4", A6 and 8" x 8" sizes, which are a really handy resource to have in your craft collection and which we know many of you are big fans of.

We want to repeat a special offer we brought to you last year and which proved to be a phenomenal hit. 

There are two options available with this offer:

(i) you can buy these popper pads at the silly price of £2.00 each! (regular price £9.99)

(ii) you can get an extra pad FREE if you buy 5 for £10.00

Visit the SALE page on our website to see the different popper pads available to choose from (you'll find ones from various paper kit collections that we've brought you, including Pollyanna Pickering ones).

Select the pads you want (from any of the card, decoupage or backing paper sizes) and if you buy 5, we will add another popper pad to your order for FREE (the choice of which free pad you receive will be random as it will depend on which ones we have available once customers start ordering).

Check out the SALE page soon to make sure you get the ones you want from those on offer while they are available. 

Don't miss out on this crazy price offer and many others such as Pollyanna Pickering DVD ROMs for just £5.00 each. The disks on offer are being retired so if you are missing them from your collection this could be your last chance. Card & Envelope pack and cardstock for just £1.00. It truly is madness.

Happy Crafting

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