Sunday, 21 May 2017

Double Z Card Tutorial

 Hi Everyone, Hazel is here today with a wonderful project to inspire.

This is a tutorial on how to make a pretty Double Z Card using the Super Tutti Fruiti papers and toppers. 

Tutti Fruiti Papers and Toppers.
Kraft Card.
Paper Boutique Card (A5 x 1 DL x 1)
Embellishments from own stash.

The Cards in the Paper Boutique range are brilliant for this as you dont have to do much in the way of measuring.  For both cards you just fold the front back on itself to create a valley fold. The measurement is 10.5cm but you just need to do it half way if you dont have a measuring tool. 

Once you have both cards folded back this is how they will look once you pop them together. So the smaller of the 2 is the opposite way round from the large one. I have halved the width of the DL card but you could have it full size. (Mine is 5cm rather than 10 now)  

Next you decorate the card using the colour scheme you want to use. It could be any way you like. I did one in pinks and scroll down for one in blacks with Lynda's amazing black card instead of the kraft!.

For gluing the 2 parts together remember that the long piece of the DL card only needs glue on half of it (5cm) I have marked it off with a pencil as Im very splatter glue happy!!!  

Here is the card before popping the final embellishments and toppers on it.  You dont need to have the front card in the same place as I have mine. You can have it lower or slightly higher depending on your embellishments. 

Here is my finished creation. I have added some gems and toppers.  

Here is one I have done in the black card using the lime and orange tones from The Tutti Fruitti collection.  

" I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. These cards were quick and easy to make due to the brilliant Paper Boutique Card Collection being just right for this style of card.  Hazel"

Lynda Chapman has the brand new paper kit launching on Create and Craft today at 2pm.

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